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Engine Ice Coolant

Engine Ice Coolant

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HOW TO USE ENGINE ICE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR VEHICLE. Engine Ice is a premixed, ready to use coolant which needs to be simply poured into your cars cooling system after thorough cleaning. It shall NOT be mixed with water or any other liquid at all. The process for using Engine ice for the first time is very simple. All you need to do is COMPLETELY FLUSH out the OLD (green or any other coloured) COOLANT from your car’s cooling system and rinse it with water a couple of times until no liquid/water/coolant comes out while draining. To put it more simply: 1) Drain the radiator to remove all the old coolant. 2) Plug the radiator. 3) Fill with clean filtered water. 4) Run the engine for 1 mins. 5) Switch off the engine. 6) Drain the radiator to remove all the water. 7) Repeat processes from 1 to 6 several times until all the water is clear and not green or any other colour. This is to avoid any contamination of the old coolant or liquid with Engine Ice. 8) Drain and leave it open to drip for a few minutes until the cooling system is dry and completely free of water. 9) Plug the radiator drain outlet. 10) Fill Engine Ice in the radiator. 11) Repeat processes 1-6 for the Coolant reservoir tank in your vehicle if present and necessary. The coolant change cycle recommended by your car’s manufacturer should not be altered or ignored while putting Engine Ice. We recommend you follow it strictly at all times. We strongly advise you to make sure these processes mentioned above are done by a well-trained mechanic or specialist only. Proper care must be taken while handling all components of the engine and cooling system. All safety measures like gloves protective eyewear and protective clothing must be worn at all times.

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